Top Ten Little White Lies Buyers Tell Us

In the spirit of David Letterman – I thought I would share the top 10 lies we as sellers hear from buyers. What’s important to note is that buyers usually don’t know they are misrepresenting themselves – they just aren’t as experienced at buying as we are at selling.  Many times buyers actually believe what they are saying only to find that in a complex sale, what was rational and logical often switches to emotional and political.  If that’s the case – be on the lookout for these little white lies:

1. You gave the best presentation!
2. Corporate approval is just a rubber stamp.
3. I’m the decision-maker.
4. They’ll buy at the end of the quarter.
5. We’ll buy at the end of the quarter.
6. We’ll read your RFP.
7. Price isn’t important, we want the best solution.
8. We’re going to conduct a fair evaluation to establish consensus.
9. I don’t know where the project stands.
10. It’s too close to call.

We need to understand that in a competitive, multi-decision maker, big ticket, high impact sales process one of the following three things will happen (if not all three)

  • Vendors start to look alike
  • Camps will divide
  • They will consider the cost of doing nothing.

If you begin your sales process preparing for all three of these scenarios, with a competitive, political, and closing plan – then those little white lies won’t derail your entire sale.


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