A Report from the Field

As many of you know – I went from sales consulting to sales management a couple of months ago. I thought I would take this opportunity to share my report from the field.

1. Senior Sales People won’t create their own demand. I have found this to be more the case than I originally thought. At my employer, we use a third party to create intro calls for the reps. This is extremely helpful and keeps my team focused on opportunity management. The drawback I am finding however is that these “leads” are generally outside of our ideal customer profile in terms of vertical and stakeholder. Therefore I have employed a multi-touch / multi-media demand creation campaign to ensure we are still marketing to all aspects of the territory

2. The Best Practices Sales Cycle is my coaching tool of choice. The first thing I did in my new role was to get buy in and alignment on the best practices of our sales process. That includes the stages and tactics that make up those stages. Now – we have a common vernacular on where we are in the sales process and expectations on next steps.

3. The 3 R’s of revenue distraction are alive and well. Refereeing internal disputes, Recruiting, and Reporting. I find that blocking time off on my calendar specifically for the reps in the form of one on one time and deal coaching helps me separate the urgent from the important. I also find that keeping that time sacred – just as important as an appointment with a prospect – helps ensure I get the time with the reps.

More reports from the field to come….


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