Inbound and Down

For many sales and marketing leaders – Inbound marketing is the next big thing in lead generation.After all, the modern marketer will tell you that content drives relevance, relevance drives eyeballs, and eyeballs drive friends, fans, and followers.

A quick Twtpoll from Joel Harrison at B2B Marketing asks your opinion on Inbound Marketing:  and I encourage you to participate. From the early results – I am not the only one who feels that inbound marketing alone has left us unfulfilled in terms of cracking the lead generation code. I have a couple of ideas as to why that is the case:

I look at my own company as an example – writing thought leadership is time consuming. After all, every minute I spend writing a blog or commenting on someone else’s is a minute I could spend elsewhere. I could hire someone to do it – but I haven’t found anyone who understands the difference between theory and application. And then we are left with the ultimate question – now that I have friends, fans, and followers – how do I turn them to advocates, mavens, and customers?

Take your current opt-in list for marketing automation; the newsletter sign-ups that have been piling up year after year.  Lists such as these are the quintessential inbound lead nurturing target.  I recommend taking the intelligence we can obtain about these two disparate groups, our opt-in list and our social followers, and merge the two for better campaigning.

As example – someone that follows you, is part of the industry you service, a title that makes decisions on your solution and is part of your newsletter campaign campaign deserves a bit more attention in your next marketing drip.  Someone with these characteristics that isn’t on your campaign needs to be invited to do so.

I invite you to learn more about how social123 can help by looking into our socialdata+

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