Birth of a Social Salesman

My first sales manager asked me to keep a box filled with index cards with my prospects’ contact information on them.  She told me that web-based CRM was too unreliable for one and two, I shouldn’t be anywhere near a computer when you are on the road selling. Those were truly Spartan times for sales reps but we had an advantage back then – we had all of the information. If a buyer wanted to know what I knew – she had to meet with me.

Now that has changed – the buyer has all the data they need to make an informed decision on the products we sell.  It is truly difficult to bring more to the table than your corporate website, third parties review, customer endorsements, and online demonstrations. The question then has to be asked, how does today’s seller become more than someone who takes an order after the buyer has made a decision? How can today’s seller impact the sell?

I advocate that today’s seller needs to adopt the same tactics the buyers have employed – data; more specifically – social data.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are more than just vehicles for content marketing. They are rich sources of data where potential buyers expose their interest – well before they reveal themselves to buyers.  Take for example the Twitter Directory Journal rationale as to of why one person would follow another person on Twitter:   A follow is a social expression of interest.  A twitter handle’s following is a group of people who, by and large, all have the same interest.  From a sales and marketing perspective that is extremely valuable if you are able to isolate the following of your competition or association.

Social123 levels the playing field for sellers by giving them this market intelligence. SocialFollowers+ shares the name, bio, domain, and location of every follower from any twitter handle.  This tool can also append an email address, search the social web for additional sales triggers, and find additional contact data from other social networks to provide a complete contact profile.  


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