Social123 helps our customers monetize social media by delivering social leads and data enhancement services.  We partner with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook that represent over 1 billion subscribers and 200 million social interactions a day. Our service returns the most complete social profile available because our customers sign-in to our solution with their own social credentials.  This allows us to retrieve information that would only be available from their first, second, and third level connections.

SocialPoints+ This feature allows us to take the billions of conversations that take place on social media and turn them into actionable business intelligence. We score contacts based upon three sets of criteria:

  1. Actions: Social123 allocates a point value based on the actions contacts make with social media outlets. Our point score is based off Facebook likes, if the contact becomes a fan on Facebook, or connects with us on LinkedIn. For Twitter, we allocate a point value for number of followers and following or if the contact retweets content our company has produced.
  2. Attributes:  Social123 allocates a point value based on the attributes our contacts have with social media. This provides a customized social influence value instead of relying on standards that may not be as relevant to every organization. Our point value is based on the number of Friends you have on Facebook and Contacts in LinkedIn. For Twitter, the point value is based on the number of Followers, those Following you, and the tweets you produce.
  3. Mentions:  There are over 1 Billion subscribers to social networking sites on this planet. Most of what they communicate has no relevance. However, there are certain keywords that are amazingly important and if our contacts are mentioning it we want to know about it. These are usually the same keywords we use for Google AdWords.  If it is worth paying per click, then it is worth knowing if your customers or prospects are talking about it on social media.
  • My Company
  • My Contacts
  • My Products
  • Industry Keywords
  • My Competitors
  • Google AdWords

SocialData+ This service acts as an enhancement tool by adding demographic and social information from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to an existing database. There are potentially 70 additional fields that can be populated such as:

  • E-mail Address
  • Picture
  • Location
  • Accurate Position
  • Number of Connections
  • Twitter Handle
  • Work History
  • Groups and Associations
  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Expertise

The addition of social information with existing data produces a more complete and accurate contact profile. With the addition of SocialPoints+, the sales and marketing departments are empowered with more detailed information to deliver more effective campaigns.  The e-mail data appending service will ensure the campaigns are seen by as many individuals as possible.

Reverse Twitter Append: Social123 unveils the power of Twitter by providing key business intelligence of your followers, such as first and last name, description, location, URL and their twitter following characteristics. SocialPoints+ is available for Reverse Twitter Append to prioritize the results. We append e-mail addresses with these contacts when applicable. We also provide this level of detail for industry thought leaders, associations, or even competitors.

SocialLeads+ By using the SocialPoints key words mentions, Social123 can retrieve individuals that are speaking about the topics that matter most to your organization. Unlike SocialData+ that is using a finite dataset, Social123 will monitor the billions of social interactions on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and bring back contact information. These leads are delivered on a daily basis via a dashboard and scored using SocialPoints+ to prioritize selling efforts.

  • My Company
  • My Contacts
  • My Products
  • Industry Keywords
  • My Competitors
  • Google AdWords

Social123 delivers our solutions via a Software as a Service platform, through partners such as, as a White Label solution, or through API.

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